Monday, November 8, 2010

State of the Maple Laughs

I use the title "Maple Laughs" because that's what we are at the moment. The laughing stock of the NHL. The way things are going right now, it doesn't seem as if things are going to change. I looked at a post I made 353 days ago, and it sounds as if things are exactly the same. No scoring, no future picks to look forward to, and only one legitimate prospect in the system.

On top of that, Burke said today that Ron Wilson's job is safe and continued to put 100% of the blame on his players. Really Brian? Maybe it's time to try and forget you two were such good college buddies, get your head out of your ass, and look at what's happening on the ice.

The Leafs lost to Buffalo on Saturday night after holding a two goal lead after the second period. Wilson, in all of his wisdom put the 4th line on the ice during the last 45 seconds of a one-goal game only to end up being scored on and subsequently losing the game in a shootout. It's the coaches decision who goes out there, and the coaches decision for who shoots in the shootout. Kaberle shooting over Kulemin? MacArthur who is 0-9 in his career for shootout attempts, and now 0-10? Maybe I'm missing something here, but all three coaching decisions cost us the game.

Now that I'm sufficiently pissed off, I will go and drown my sorrows in a few games of NHL 11, where my Leafs team can actually pass itself off as a well-run organization.

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  1. But look at how good San Jose did when Ronnie was the coach there!