Friday, November 19, 2010

Another quick thought on the Leafs...

Anyone notice how fucking quiet it is inside the Air Canada Centre? Sounds about just as loud as a Coyotes game, and they have trouble attracting 9,000 fans a night. Considering attendance at the ACC is usually an announced crowd of around 18,000, this is just embarrassing.

Can I get a GO LEAFS GO please? The loudest the crowd got last night (other than when the Leafs scored) was when they boo'ed Kovalchuk as he touched the puck, and in the last twenty seconds of the game after they had it in the bag. Seriously Toronto, make some NOISE! There's no doubt players feed off the crowd, and the fans in there aren't exactly giving them much.

Surely this can be attributed to the 'suits' which make up most of the lower bowl seating, trying to hammer out their next business deal. Perhaps a lowering of ticket and beer prices would get the crowd going, but there's no way MLSE would ever be interested in that. How unbelievably frustrating...

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