Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Twilight Fever

Over the weekend the new film in the Twilight crap-fest (or saga for some of you) was released world-wide. New Moon is what they're calling it, and it has broken the world-record for the largest-grossing film in an opening weekend of all time. This record was held by The Dark Knight when it was released two years ago. Or was it one year ago? Doesn't matter. What does matter is what can be learned from this: Create something that women want. Something goes off in their brains and they have to have it. It's like they turn into zombies (the kind that can run fast) and won't stop until they get what they want. Remember all those girls screaming and fainting for the Backstreet Boys? Yeah. Anyways, the product you put out apparently doesn't even have to be good. In fact, it can be rotten. Apparently of all the tickets bought for this film, 80% of the tickets were bought by women.

What is wrong with everyone? This isn't some boys vs. girls argument. I realize we have different tastes when it comes to these things. However, the books are continuously panned by literary critics world-wide, not to mention the films have been met with pretty negative reactions.

Seriously, what the fuck is going on in this world?

I could honestly go on for pages and pages about why this should not be a world-wide phenomenon, but someone already said it better than I ever could:


Friday, November 20, 2009

Look at the Positives

I had around five or six paragraphs typed out bashing the Leafs (after watching the collapse last night), explaining how they are the worst Leafs team to be assembled, blah blah. You don't need to hear that. You already know it's a fact.

I feel like a huge fool for writing this back in July. Sure Kessel is a proven top-5 first rounder. But two? I don't know. The way things are going, I'm having a hard time believing the Leafs will be out of the basement in the next two years. Komisarek and Beauchemin are so overrated it's impossible to fathom what Burke was thinking handing Komisarek a 5-million dollar a season contract. I'd rather have Kubina over both of them. Now that's saying something.

Luckily Gustavsson is showing promise, even though he's looked quite raw over the past few games. But let's at least cut him some slack, it's his first year in the NHL on the worst team in the NHL.

There is one positive to take away from all of this though: Ron Wilson and Brian Burke are running the U.S. Olympic Men's Hockey Team in Vancouver. Good news for us Canadians.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

About Last Night

If you didn't see what happened, here:

That goal put France in the lead over Ireland in extra time giving them the win, which means France is going to the World Cup instead of Ireland. I could not be happier.

You can call the play, or Henry whatever you want. Cheat, cheap, scum, vermin. He's been called worse. Hell, he's had bananas thrown at him on the field for fucks sake. He really does not seem to give a shit about what anybody thinks.


Let's be realistic: Had an Irish player pulled the exact same stunt, it would be the Irish celebrating, and the French calling them cheaters. Suggesting that the Irish would be so righteous in demanding the goal be called back, is ridiculous. As a Frenchman I will openly say that Henry cheated. If you ask me, there has never been a stronger case for video replay to be implemented into footy matches. But the fact is there isn't video replay, and we'll never know what the referee really saw. Fair goal if you ask me. Ref can't call what he can't see. Even if it was one of the greasiest plays in football history.

But you know what? Sometimes life is greasy.

See you in South Africa.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This is England

Watched the film This is England last night, and I can safely say that I was blown away. It's story of lower-middle class English youth in the early 1980s, revolving mainly around a young boy and his search for acceptance. In his search he meets a gang of skin-heads, some of which are simply part of the 'scene' and others are actually racist nationalists. It's a very intense film, and is shot beautifully. The soundtrack is also great, with everything from The Specials to Toots and the Maytals.


*Edit: For anyone who wants to know, the song playing at the end of the trailer is "Never See the Sea" by Gain Clark.

I want to own a record store.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Why SNL Still Sucks.

Ugh...ball jokes? Really?

Pot-City, U.S.A.

I saw this "In-Depth" episode of Intervention on A&E a couple of weeks ago, and it has really changed my perspective on some aspects of the legal and illegal Marijuana grow ops (both medical and non-medical). I never really thought about how turning a house into a grow op not only ruins the house, but has huge effects on the surrounding neighbors.

We tend to think that when we get our product, since it's just pot, no really serious crime has been committed, and there generally was nobody truly affected by this little plant. But it seems something else is going on, something that I bet very few of us actually take into account. I'm not saying we need to stop buying/smoking it, but I think its high time that we as users, the government as regulators, and normal non-toking citizens take a serious look at what decriminalizing, fully legalizing and eventually taxing/controlling this plant could mean. Maybe things in the ensuing video won't happen any more.


Don't stare for too long.


H1N1 Priorities

I am not getting the H1N1 shot. I know it's an awful sickness to get, but you know what? I don't want mind-controlling government chips in my brain, got it? Haven't you been paying attention to the literature out there? Its free too, just go ask the crazy guy screaming on the corner. Seriously though I don't trust massive, wide-spread inoculations that have not withstood the test of time.

Maybe you had heard that a couple professional sports teams got vaccinated before the public was able to. The Calgary Flames, along with the Toronto Raptors and Toronto Maple Leafs got the shots before any body else could. Now there's some debate rising asking, why should they get their shots first?

I'll tell you why. Can you get a triple-double in a night? Score a hat-trick, or pull a Double-Dion? Are you nicknamed the "Human Eraser", or the "Monster"? Do you even have a bad-ass nickname? Didn't think so. These people keep me entertained for hours at a time, therefore are more valuable to society than you, or I will ever be.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Another new photo.

It's November. It's raining. Yeah.

Non-Threatening Rap.

"I Don't Like To"

Off of Shad's The Old Prince.

See, why can't more rappers be like this? You don't have a rhyme about guns, hoes, money, cars, and blasting cops/fools to be a good rapper. Although those subjects are highly entertaining. Especially when presented like this: