Friday, November 20, 2009

Look at the Positives

I had around five or six paragraphs typed out bashing the Leafs (after watching the collapse last night), explaining how they are the worst Leafs team to be assembled, blah blah. You don't need to hear that. You already know it's a fact.

I feel like a huge fool for writing this back in July. Sure Kessel is a proven top-5 first rounder. But two? I don't know. The way things are going, I'm having a hard time believing the Leafs will be out of the basement in the next two years. Komisarek and Beauchemin are so overrated it's impossible to fathom what Burke was thinking handing Komisarek a 5-million dollar a season contract. I'd rather have Kubina over both of them. Now that's saying something.

Luckily Gustavsson is showing promise, even though he's looked quite raw over the past few games. But let's at least cut him some slack, it's his first year in the NHL on the worst team in the NHL.

There is one positive to take away from all of this though: Ron Wilson and Brian Burke are running the U.S. Olympic Men's Hockey Team in Vancouver. Good news for us Canadians.

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